Welcome to D-4 DARD -4RMY

This is a short listing of rules you must follow to remain in our alliance.

1. Please play at least every three days or you will be demoted to a rookie. Then if you remain inactive for 10 days total without notifying one of the officers you will be dismissed from the alliance.

2. Take part in alliance activities. Ie.. Dark Citadel, raids, and so on. Your failure to take part stops the remainder of the alliance from receiving their due rewards.

3. If you are going to be absent contact one of the officers (Dukes, Diplomats, War Generals and Leader via mail so there is a record.

4.  Maintain a Piece Shield on your Castle at all times. Other Alliances hit any castle that does not have a Piece Shield. Then looks around for other targets in that alliance. We all must keep our Piece Shield on.

5.  Farming- means collecting resources (also called rss) Only farm in the areas listed in the Alliance, Message of the Day. It is the first listing under Alliance, Out Leader keeps this updated to show the alliances that we have agreements to share recourses, farming in other areas may cause a war between our alliance and where you farm. Our main goal is to grow our Castles and the best way to do that is to remain at peace ang grow your castle and army. Trust me there will be plenty of time to fight.

6. Declaring war or making a truce with another alliance is allowed according to you rank in the alliance. Rank is issued according to the accumulated thoughts of the officers and our leader. If you want something done in these matters contact one of the diplomates and they will address it.


Game Hints for new Players

When you begin do not try to fill up all your building spaces. It will just cost you more time and resources that you can use leveling up you castle. Don’t worry about how many of each type building you need, that question will answer it’s self as you play the game. You do need at least one of each type building so you can Raise the level quickly and provide resources for your troops to grow. Once you level up one building then start another of the same type building as needed.

 This is a long-range game; you will not be on top in just a couple days. You can however give headaches to the big money guys in the game if you play carefully. Starting out build all Level one troops. Why?? Level one troops heal instantly and only cost resources to heal them. You can grow buildings that produce resources that can heal level one troops without having to outlay out cash. If you are serious about playing the game I do suggest joining the VIP club for the first month to activate the 30 day program. Following that I have never bought another VIP membership. I win them in the lottery and other prizes that are awarded in the game. You will get your money’s worth in the VIP club. The other thing I do to increase how fast I grow, is pay for the weekly “Daily Gift Supplies. It gives you 11,000 gold a day and many supplies and speed-ups. Also 24-hour peace shield. When you use the Daily Gift Club you must go to the Supplies section of Bundles and click on Supplies and select each of the rewards you bought for each of seven days or you will not receive the award. They are not automatically sent out you must do this every day. After that the game is up to your liking. You can collect the total award listed every-day if you go get it, and only pay the one time

Be sure to find a mentor. Most officers and higher-level players are welcome to assist new or lower level players. If you use the Mentor program in the game, you will receive an additional bonus.

Attacking Against
Category Type Swordsmen Spearmen Mounted Ranged Siege
Regular Troops Swordsmen Normal Strong Weak Normal Normal
Regular Troops Spearmen Weak Normal Strong Normal Normal
Regular Troops Mounted Strong Weak Normal Normal Normal
Regular Troops Ranged Weak Weak Weak Normal Normal
Regular Troops Siege Weak Weak Weak Strong Normal